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Prepare to enter a world of adventure, puzzles, and chickens that will haunt your dreams. This is a data site for The Legend of Zelda open world games. Currently building for Tears of the Kingdom and Breath of the Wild.

Made by Kiranico

Release Day

Tears of the Kingdom has officially released! First order of business is getting a map out which I'm currently in the process of AI upscaling to a nice and crispy 4K resolution. While that's running I think I have a handle on how MSBT v3.0.1 handles attributes for languages with masculine/feminine, singular/plural and articles for European region languages. Unfortunately I don't have anything to deal with a string system like that beyond Japanese ruby text so those languages are going to look very off on initial release bear with me. Currently I don't have enough data to chart a comprehensive map but I'm building this for my own playthrough so this is the order I'm planning on:

  • Towers: seems like the tower positions are changed from Breath of the Wild? So that means these need to be remapped. Thanks Ganon.
  • Shrines: Feeding in co-ordinates it seems they're all new too.
  • Koroks: Not sure how essential equipment slot expansions are this time around since you can fuse endlessly for durability. I need to figure out the Z breakpoints to differentiate ones in the sky.
  • Lightroots: These are in the exact X,Y positions as shrines with names reversed? All of them are located downstairs.
  • Location labels: This is where I start wondering if a standalone map page was the right call. I don't like going back and forth between map and database pages when I could just straight up render a map preview on the database page. I guess we'll do both for now.

I think that's enough for day one. I have positions of 980 NPCs mapped to about 253 quests but they should have their own database pages as well as the 30k world object placements. Armors are the more important equipment piece so you can guess the URLs but be warned the location co-ords aren't verified.

Dawn of The Final Day

First line of code has been placed as TotK release draws near. Planning to start playing only after I have substantial map and compendium data.