Adventure Log

The Closed Door Rauru
To the Kingdom of Hyrule Zelda's Voice
Regional Phenomena Purah
Find the Fifth Sage Purah
Crisis at Hyrule Castle Purah
Trail of the Master Sword Mineru
Recovering the Hero's Sword Great Deku Tree
Tulin of Rito Village Teba
Yunobo of Goron City
The Sludge-Covered Statue
The Broken Slate Jiahto
Restoring the Zora Armor
Clues to the Sky Jiahto
Sidon of the Zora
Riju of Gerudo Town
Secret of the Ring Ruins Tauro
Guidance from Ages Past Zonai Relic
Camera Work in the Depths Josha
A Mystery in the Depths Josha
Impa and the Geoglyphs
The Dragon's Tears Impa
Destroy Ganondorf Purah
Find Princess Zelda Steward Construct
Hateno Village Research Lab Robbie
Filling Out the Compendium Robbie
Presenting: The Travel Medallion! Robbie
Presenting: Hero's Path Mode! Robbie
Presenting: Sensor +! Robbie
Mattison's Independence
A Letter to Koyin Koyin
A New Signature Food Reede
Reede's Secret Clavia
Cece's Secret Sophie
Team Cece or Team Reede? Cece
The Mayoral Election
Ruffian-Infested Village Rozel
Lurelin Village Restoration Project Bolson
Potential Princess Sightings! Traysi
The Beckoning Woman
Gourmets Gone Missing
The Beast and the Princess
Zelda's Golden Horse
White Goats Gone Missing
For Our Princess!
The All-Clucking Cucco
The Missing Farm Tools
Princess Zelda Kidnapped?! Penn
An Eerie Voice
The Blocked Well
The Flute Player's Plan
Honey, Bee Mine
The Hornist's Dramatic Escape
Serenade to a Great Fairy
Serenade to Kaysa
Serenade to Cotera
Serenade to Mija
Bring Peace to Hyrule Field! Hoz
Bring Peace to Necluda! Hoz
Bring Peace to Eldin! Toren
Bring Peace to Akkala! Toren
Bring Peace to Faron! Flaxel
Bring Peace to Hebra! Flaxel
Hestu's Concerns Hestu
The Hunt for Bubbul Gems! Koltin
The Search for Koltin Koltin
A Monstrous Collection I Kilton
A Monstrous Collection II Kilton
A Monstrous Collection III Kilton
A Monstrous Collection IV Kilton
A Monstrous Collection V Kilton
Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins Kazul
The Owl Protected by Dragons Kazul
The Corridor between Two Dragons Kazul
The Six Dragons Kazul
The Long Dragon Kazul
Legend of the Great Sky Island Steward Construct
Messages from an Ancient Era Wortsworth
A Deal With the Statue
Who Goes There? Jerrin
A Call from the Depths Mysterious Voice
Infiltrating the Yiga Clan Mimos
The Yiga Clan Exam Yiga Blademaster
Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan Kohga
The Satori Mountain Crystal Mysterious Voice
The White Bird's Guidance Laissa
The Gisa Crater Crystal Mysterious Voice
The North Hebra Mountains Crystal Mysterious Voice
The Northwest Hebra Cave Crystal Mysterious Voice
A Pretty Stone and Five Golden Apples Damia
None Shall Pass? Zooki
Maca's Special Place Maca
The Death Caldera Crystal Mysterious Voice
The Lake Intenoch Cave Crystal Mysterious Voice
Rock for Sale Hagie
Dyeing to Find It Steward Construct
The High Spring and the Light Rings Nazbi
The Lanayru Road Crystal Mysterious Voice
The Ralis Channel Crystal Mysterious Voice
Keys Born of Water Steward Construct
The Oakle's Navel Cave Crystal Mysterious Voice
Ride the Giant Horse Baddek
The Lake Hylia Crystal Mysterious Voice
Legend of the Soaring Spear Tattered Notebook
The Gerudo Canyon Crystal Mysterious Voice
The North Hyrule Sky Crystal Mysterious Voice
The South Hyrule Sky Crystal Mysterious Voice
The Tabantha Sky Crystal Mysterious Voice
The East Hebra Sky Crystal Mysterious Voice
The Sky Mine Crystal Mysterious Voice
The Sokkala Sky Crystal Mysterious Voice
The South Lanayru Sky Crystal Mysterious Voice
The North Necluda Sky Crystal Mysterious Voice
The West Necluda Sky Crystal Mysterious Voice
The Necluda Sky Crystal Mysterious Voice
Spotting Spot Lester
Village Attacked by Pirates Garini
Today's Menu Burmano
The Incomplete Stable Karson
WANTED: Stone Talus Gralens
WANTED: Molduga Gralens
WANTED: Hinox Gralens
Unknown Sky Giant Gralens
Unknown Three-Headed Monster Gralens
Unknown Huge Silhouette Gralens
The Horse Guard's Request Toffa
A Picture for Outskirt Stable Embry
Feathered Fugitives Teli
A Picture for Riverside Stable Ember
Horse-Drawn Dreams Zumi
A Picture for New Serenne Stable Sprinn
Genli's Home Cooking Genli
Treasure of the Secret Springs
Molli the Fletcher's Quest Molli
Legacy of the Rito Teba
Fish for Fletching Bedoli
The Rito Rope Bridge Gesane
A Picture for Tabantha Bridge Stable Dabi
A Picture for Snowfield Stable Varke
Crossing the Cold Pool Verla
Open the Door Jogo
Supply-Eyeing Fliers Huck
The Blocked Cave Mazli
The Duchess Who Disappeared Russ
Kaneli's Flight Training Kaneli
Cave Mushrooms That Glow Nat
The Captured Tent Nat
Who Finds the Haven? Nat
Whirly Swirly Things Kula
The Secret Room Oaki
Walton's Treasure Hunt Walton
Amber Dealer Ramella
The Ancient City Gorondia! Dugby
The Ancient City Gorondia? Dugby
Soul of the Gorons Fugo
Moon-Gazing Gorons Tray
The Hidden Treasure at Lizard Lakes Bludo
Simmerstone Springs Kima
Cash In on Ripened Flint Gomo
Meat for Meat
Rock Roast or Dust Cooke
Mine-Cart Land: Open for Business!
Mine-Cart Land: Quickshot Course
Mine-Cart Land: Death Mountain
A Picture for Woodland Stable Kish
A Picture for Foothill Stable Ozunda
Fell into a Well! Dillie
The Abandoned Laborer Mota
The Treasure Hunters Domidak
Misko's Cave of Chests Domidak
Misko's Treasure: The Fierce Deity Misko's Letter
Misko's Treasure: Twins Manuscript
Misko's Treasure: Pirate Manuscript
Misko's Treasure: Heroines Manuscript
Misko's Treasure of Awakening I Misko's Letter
Misko's Treasure of Awakening II Misko's Letter
Misko's Treasure of Awakening III Misko's Letter
The Tarrey Town Race Is On! Fernison
Secrets Within Pulcho
Master the Vehicle Prototype Fernison
Home on Arrange Rhondson
Strongest in the World Chabi
The Gathering Pirates Aya
A Picture for East Akkala Stable Rudi
Eldin's Colossal Fossil Loone
Hebra's Colossal Fossil Loone
Gerudo's Colossal Fossil Loone
One-Hit Wonder! Parcy
A Picture for South Akkala Stable Dmitri
True Treasure Kodah
Secret Treasure under the Great Fish Sidon
The Never-Ending Lecture Chroma
The Moonlit Princess Seggin
The Fort at Ja'Abu Ridge Gaddison
Glory of the Zora Dento
A Crabulous Deal Cleff
A Wife Wafted Away Fronk
A Token of Friendship
A Picture for Wetland Stable Lawdon
An Uninvited Guest Ami
The Blue Stone Ledo
The Ultimate Dish? Moza
Mired in Muck Bazz
Out of the Inn Dai
Follow the Cuccos Trissa
A Trip through History Bugut
Codgers' Quarrel Trissa
Gloom-Borne Illness Lasli
A New Champion's Tunic Zelda's Diary
Teach Me a Lesson I Symin
Teach Me a Lesson II Symin
Dantz's Prize Cows Dantz
Homegrown in Hateno Reede
Photographing a Chuchu Sayge
Uma's Garden Uma
Manny's Beloved Manny
Lurelin Resort Project Rozel
Dad's Blue Shirt Zuta
A Way to Trade, Washed Away Garini
Rattled Ralera Ralera
A Picture for Dueling Peaks Stable Tasseren
A Bottled Cry for Help
Seeking the Pirate Hideout Sesami
Ousting the Giants Kampo
A Picture for Lakeside Stable Anly
A Picture for Highland Stable Padok
The Heroines' Secret Rotana
Treasure of the Gerudo Desert
Pride of the Gerudo Isha
Dalia's Game Dalia
The Mysterious Eighth Rotana
The Missing Owner Cara
To the Ruins! Pokki
Decorate with Passion Boraa
Lost in the Dunes Benja
A Picture for the Closed Stable I Piaffe
A Picture for the Closed Stable II Piaffe
Piaffe, Packed Away Piaffe
Gleeok Guts Malena
Disaster in Gerudo Canyon Quince
The Great Tumbleweed Purge Barles
Heat-Endurance Contest! Rahdo
Cold-Endurance Contest! Rahdo
The Iceless Icehouse Anche
Where Are the Wells? Fera
Ancient Blades Below Mining Construct
The North Lomei Prophecy Mysterious Voice
The Lomei Labyrinth Island Prophecy Mysterious Voice
The South Lomei Prophecy Mysterious Voice
Goddess Statue of Wisdom
Goddess Statue of Power
Goddess Statue of Courage
The Mother Goddess Statue
The Shrine Explorer Rauru