Device Dispensers

Throwing multiple Zonai charges at once into a device dispenser will generate more capsules than doing it one at a time.

Tips and Tricks

Check this screen for hints that will surely aid you on your journey. The adventurous heart must never stop seeking knowledge!

Fairy Effects

If you have a fairy help you cook, the tonic you produce together restores a great deal of hearts.


Use this power to detect the location of shrines. Simply head in the direction where the reading is strongest.

Map Pins

Not only can you drop pins while looking through the scope but you can also add or delete pins from the map on your Purah Pad.

What's That, Pooch?

If you befriend a dog, it may lead you to something interesting.

Perfect Guard

When equipped with a shield, if you press to deflect a monster's attack at just the right moment, you will be rewarded with a chance to counter the attack.

The Surface and the Depths

The surface and Depths are intricately connected. Someplace special on the surface may be mirrored by something in the Depths as well, and vice versa.

Zonai Devices: Steering Sticks

When you attach a steering stick to a vehicle with tires, you can not only control its direction but also go in reverse.

Weapon Bonuses

Some weapons you'll come across have special properties that set them apart from others of their class, such as superior durability or above-average attack power.

Training Your Horse

Horses that you have just caught won't listen to much of what you tell them to do. The more time you spend adventuring with your steed, the better behaved it will become.

Monster Tips: Bokoblins

These omnivorous monsters enjoy not only meat and fish but also fresh fruit.

Sage Avatars

You can summon or dismiss the aid of the sages by selecting their vows in Key Items.

Setting Fires

Wooden objects and dry grass catch fire easily. Be careful around such things while holding a lit torch.

Reading the Map

If a location stands out to you while looking at your map, it's usually worth investigating.


Making good use of scaffolds or vehicles is one way to deal with quicksand, which can be treacherous to walk across.

Stamina Wheel

Swimming depletes your stamina. If your stamina runs out while you're swimming, you will sink below the water and, unless you've run out of hearts, be returned to dry land.

Lightning Strikes

Lightning has a tendency to strike anything metallic. Whenever you hear thunder, it's a good idea to remove any metallic equipment before you get fried.

Mineru's Construct

You can fire arrows even while riding the construct.

Zonai Devices: Springs

You can launch yourself upward by standing on a spring and activating it.

Battle Tip

It's dangerous to approach enemies head-on when you're low on hearts or don't have protective armor equipped. Always be prepared!

Monster Tips: Chuchus

They will explode when attacked. Try throwing something at them from a safe distance.

Sidon's Water Wall

Staying inside Sidon's water wall can also work as a way to cope with hot temperatures.

Zonai Devices: Portable Pots

Since a portable pot doesn't use fire, you can cook with one even when it's raining.

Aim Controls

Some items, like bows, allow you to target things by tilting . Remember to be aware of your surroundings when doing this.

Fuse Benefits

Fusing anything to a weapon increases its durability.

Sensor +

The sensor + can detect objects that are logged in your Hyrule Compendium.

Shrine Walls

Shrine walls are too slick to grab or climb. You must find alternate ways to reach new heights, such as ladders or other creative solutions.

Spike Shields

If you fuse a sharp, spike-shaped thing to a shield, it becomes capable of dealing damage when you swing it at an enemy.

Stealth Tip

It's harder to hear footsteps when it's raining...making it the perfect time to sneak up on some monsters!


The Upheaval created chasms throughout Hyrule that reach far down to the Depths.

Making a Campfire

To start a campfire, simply set some wood ablaze. You can use a torch or some flint to do just that.

Armor Sets

Wearing the top, bottom, and headwear from the same set can earn you some bonus effects.

Critical Hit

When using a weapon with this bonus, the last hit in a series of attacks will deal double the damage.

Finding Your Way

If you get lost, try climbing to higher ground and looking around. Press to pull out your scope so you can see even farther.

Changing Focus

When there are multiple things to lock on to, press again to switch your focus.

Battle Tip

Some Zonai devices can be powerful defenses if you fuse them to a weapon or shield.

Character Profiles

In the Character Profiles section of the Purah Pad, you can review information about people you've met during your adventure.

Battle Tip

Constructs don't discriminate when it comes to trespassers. Try leading them toward other monsters to give them a new target.

Scorching Climates

In superheated volcanic regions, ingredients will roast simply by placing them on the ground. Use this to your advantage to restore hearts on the go.

Sorting Your Inventory

You can press to sort your inventory according to your needs.

Pony Points

You can earn points at stables that can be exchanged for various rewards.

Zonai Devices: Stabilizers

You can attach these to a plank to use as scaffolding, or use the force of it righting itself to make a catapult.


You can run down smaller monsters atop your galloping steed, but don't forget that you cannot make quick turns when traveling this way.

Monster Tips: Electric Chuchus

When you attack Electric Chuchus, they explode in a burst of sparks. Use this to your advantage to shock nearby monsters.

Breaking Through

By fusing rocks or certain hard monster materials to your weapons, you can break through deposits of brittle sediment.

Jump Slash

Perform a jump slash by pressing after jumping or while in the air. The shock wave created when you hit the ground can affect nearby monsters.

Shooting Stars

If you happen to see a shooting star nearby while skydiving, you may be able to catch it if you can get close enough.


You can use Autobuild to easily re-create things you've built before with Ultrahand.

Where's the Fire?

When a wooden weapon or shield catches fire, you can extinguish it by unequipping the burning item.

The Joys of Night

Some animals and critters only come out when it's dark. Keep an eye out for them!

Horse Steps

While totally motionless, if you press and hold , your horse will take careful steps in any direction with . Do this if your horse balks or when you find yourself stuck somewhere.

Stamina Wheel

If your stamina runs out while climbing, you will lose your grip and fall.

Collecting Ingredients

There are many more ingredients than those used for cooking food. Collect and experiment with different ingredients to make all sorts of things!

Registering Horses

Once you've tamed a wild horse, you can register it by taking it to a stable. Do this, and you'll be able to call your beloved steed to your side from any stable in Hyrule.

Battle Tip

If you fuse a puffshroom or a muddle bud to an arrow and shoot it at a group of enemies, it can disrupt them all at once.

Monster Tips: Evermeans

These tree-mimicking creatures hate fire. Blunt weapons won't do much against them; just like with real trees, an axe is called for here.

Korok Fronds and Weapons

These large leaves look like they may conceal something. Fuse one to a weapon, and every swing will create a huge gust of wind.

Brightbloom Seeds

Brightbloom seeds blossom into flowers when struck, lighting up their surroundings. It's good to carry a few in dark places.

Sky-Island Ingredients

Rare ingredients can sometimes be found growing in clusters on sky islands. Never pass up an opportunity to collect them.

Monster Tips: Boss Bokoblins

They command a team of Bokoblins in battle. Let the whole squad bunch up so you can knock them all out at once.

Battle Tip

Spears and other weapons with reach are effective against enemies in high places.

Throwing Weapons

If your weapon is close to breaking, try throwing it at an enemy using . It will double your damage if it hits!


The number of times you can increase your speed depends on each horse. If you find a horse with a high number of spurs, consider keeping it as your companion.

Dealing with Sludge

You can wash away sludge with water. If you do so, you might sometimes find that it was covering something up.

Monster Tips: Fire Chuchus

When you attack Fire Chuchus, they explode and start a fire. Use this to your advantage to turn up the heat on nearby monsters.

Hyrule Castle Rumors

There is said to be an underground passage, meant as an emergency escape route, leading from the castle to Hyrule Field.

Form Up!

If you whistle with , you can call summoned sages to your side, even in the middle of combat.

Luring Fish

Tossing ingredients that serve as bait near fish in the water will attract them. Different bait works on different kinds of fish.

Hot Springs

These lush, thermal baths are found throughout the world. You can relax in them for a while to replenish your hearts.

Replenishing Equipment

If you run out of equipment while exploring a temple, consider making a trip into town. Once you've stocked up, you can travel right back to the temple.

Elemental Weaknesses

If you use an icy attack against a fiery enemy, you may defeat it in one hit.

Rumor Has It...

You'll sometimes see a glowing blue spirit in the form of a rabbit. It has a habit of running toward caves. It's said it'll bring happiness to anyone skilled enough to hit it with an arrow.

Battle Tip

If the foe you're fighting is too powerful, train yourself up! You can start by finding a stronger weapon or collecting Lights of Blessing to get more hearts or increase your Stamina Wheel.

Freezing Climates

Wear cold-resistant clothing or eat something that warms your body when adventuring in cold regions. Otherwise, the cold will slowly chip away at your health.


Sand flows directly into these underground desert caves. You can enter them through the center.

Critical Hits

Hitting a monster or enemy in the head with an arrow deals double the normal amount of damage.

Hero's Path Mode

With this, you can review the route you've traveled so far on the map.

The Root That Dispels the Darkness

The light from these large roots not only illuminates your surroundings, it purifies you of any gloom you may be suffering from.

Cold Water

Swimming in cold water will lower your body heat and cause you to take damage. Cooked food and special garb won't help you.


Sleeping in a bed allows you to sleep until morning, noon, or night. It also replenishes your hearts.

Enhancing Armor

The Great Fairies can enhance your armor to protect you against vicious enemy attacks, greatly reducing the damage you'd receive.

Temperature Changes

The temperature will change depending on your location and the time of day. It's a good idea to pay close attention to fluctuations in temperature when you're out roaming.

Cave Secrets

They say every cave is home to a Bubbulfrog.

Zonai Devices: Sleds

A vehicle built on sleds will move faster in deserts and snowfields than one built on tires.

Fallen Ruins

Sometimes plants typically only found in the sky are attached to ruins that the Upheaval rained down from above.

Beat the Heat

The strong rays of the sun during the day in Gerudo will inflict damage if you're unprepared. You'll need to spend time in the shade, cool off with water, or equip special armor made for high temperatures.

Basic Controls

Take a peek at your controls at any time by opening the menu and checking under System.

Archery Tip

Draw your bowstring while jumping from a high place to briefly slow down time so that you can aim with greater accuracy.

Time Flies

Monsters thrive at nighttime—as do other things that can make adventuring dangerous. If you're low on hearts at night, find a campfire and lay low until morning.

Monster Eyeballs and Arrows

An arrow with a monster eyeball fused to it will seek out a target on its own.

Bottomless Bog

A quagmire that will draw you in... Sink in too deep, and you'll be unable to escape.

Ingredient Effects

Certain ingredients give elixirs or dishes special properties. But don't get greedy; ingredients with different effects will cancel each other out.

Monster Wings and Arrows

Fuse a monster wing to an arrow to help it fly smoother on the wind, extending the range of your shot.

Monster Tips: Electric Lizalfos

If you hit an Electric Lizalfos's horn with an arrow, it will discharge a massive electric shock.


Throw a boomerang with , and it will fly in a large arc before returning to you. What goes around comes around!

Zonai Devices: Wings

The key to getting a wing off the ground is either to decrease its friction with the ground or to apply a powerful force to it.

Intact Weapons

You can sometimes find weapons that haven't decayed around the Depths.

The Energy Gauge

Energy consumption varies depending on the type of Zonai device in use. The more Zonai devices in use at a time, the more energy is consumed.

Shrine Travel

Activating a shrine registers it as a travel point. If you get stumped or run out of supplies, you can leave the shrine and return easily when you feel ready.

Busted Wagons

If you investigate broken and abandoned wagons, you might turn up something interesting.

Mineru's Construct

Attach materials or weapons to the construct's arms to increase its punching power.

Device Dispensers

You can see which Zonai capsules you've received from a particular device dispenser by checking it on the map.

Travel Gates

You can travel instantly to shrines and towers using the map on the Purah Pad (). If there's somewhere you need to be, travel to a shrine or tower near your destination to get there faster.

Shooting Stars

If you should see a star shoot through the night sky, mark the place where it lands—you might find something there.

Battle Tip

Aiming a bright light at enemies will blind them, causing them to drop their weapons.

Beating the Heat

In superheated volcanic regions, you can pour water over yourself for a temporary respite from the heat.

Scope Tip

When you find an object or place of interest while looking through your scope, press to place a pin on your map in that location so you won't forget about it.

A Healthy Supply of Arrows

Make a habit of buying arrows at shops whenever you can to avoid getting caught without any when you need them most.

Battle Tip

Monsters on the lookout in watchtowers will sound the alarm if they spot you. Defeat these foes first before they alert the others.

Climbing Tip

In rainy weather, cliffs become slippery and may not be possible to scale. Wait for clear weather before attempting to climb a steep cliff whenever possible.

Time Flies

If you ever want to advance time, seek out a cozy campfire. There, you can pass the time until morning, noon, or night.

Cooking Secrets

Using more of an effect-imparting ingredient when cooking will increase that effect in the resulting dish.

Rocks and Weapons

You can fuse a rock to a weapon to make a hammer that can crush sturdy objects.

Sand Seals

These large beasts native to the Gerudo Desert are much friendlier than they look. They've been domesticated over time for use as a mode of transportation.

Sand Seals

In order to hitch a ride behind a sand seal, you'll first need to equip a shield.

Smoke Signals

A plume of smoke in the distance is a good sign that you might find someone at its origin.


The gems that sometimes drop when you break ore deposits fetch a high price when sold.

Hyrule Compendium

Images captured with your camera are logged in your Hyrule Compendium. Things that can be logged include wildlife, monsters, materials, equipment, and treasure.

Throwing Materials

Press while holding to select a material to throw from the list shown.

Climbing Tip

The stamina required for climbing increases with the steepness of the cliff. To climb higher while using less stamina, it's important to find walls that have a gentler slope.

Charged Attack

You can ready a charged attack by holding . Doing so depletes your stamina, so be sure to time your attack carefully.

Zonai Devices: Batteries

By attaching a battery to a Zonai device, you can activate it without consuming your energy gauge.

The Steed Takes the Lead

Obedient horses will follow pathways without being told to. Leave the running up to your loyal steed every once in a while so you can enjoy the scenery!

Resetting the Camera

Press to quickly shift the camera behind Link. If there's an object nearby that you can focus on, the camera will target it.

Monster Tips: Horriblins

These cave-dwelling monsters are formidable foes. They like to creep along the ceiling, so drop them to the ground before moving in.

Wet Walls

Walls slick from rain are hard to climb. It's best to come prepared with slip-reduction clothing or elixirs to ensure a steady grip.

Sorting from Quick Select

Press on the quick-select screens for weapons and materials to sort them. This makes it easier to find what you're looking for.

Battle Tip

Monsters sometimes leave their weapons lying around their camp. Sneaking up and stealing these items will make defeating them much easier!

Cave Creatures

Caves and wells have their own native flora and fauna.


In the Memories section of the Purah Pad, you can play back cutscenes you've watched during your adventure.

Master Sword

When your hearts are full, you can fire a beam from the sword with . The more Heart Containers you have, the farther the beam's range.

Roasting Ingredients

Throw ingredients like mushrooms or fish directly into a fire to roast them and up their health benefits. Keep in mind that roasting an ingredient won't activate its potential special effect.

Restoring Hearts

You can replenish your health by consuming fruits and veggies you've collected, as well as meat you've acquired through hunting. Eat ingredients raw, or cook them to increase their healing properties.


With the paraglider, you can glide down from high places with ease. Use to scope out a safe spot to land.

Wild Horses

If you see a wild horse you'd like to ride, crouch down so you can approach it quietly from behind. Take heed though—if the horse notices you while you're directly behind it, it will kick you!

Scorching Climates

In superheated volcanic regions, wooden bows or shields you have equipped will catch fire. It's better to use metal equipment instead.

Zonai Devices: Balloons

More intense sources of heat will increase a balloon's ascension speed.

Decayed Constructs

Inspect these remnants of broken constructs from ancient days, and you might find something useful.

Recovering from Gloom

If you suffer the effects of gloom, you can return to the surface or visit a lightroot to recover from it.

Paraglider Fashion

If you bring fabric to the dye shop in Hateno Village, you can have the paraglider reworked in that style.

Zonai Devices: Mirrors

Mirrors can reflect light, like sunlight, but at night and in dust clouds, light beams are too weak to reflect.

Calming Your Horse

When a wild horse that you're riding starts to act out or ignore you, try soothing it with . If you keep this up, it will become more obedient over time.

Monster Tips: Bokoblins

Without much in the way of clothing to protect them, they tend to run when menaced by bees.

Yiga on Wheels

An effective strategy is to aim directly at the driver or try to overturn the vehicle so the driver falls off.


Slash a tumbleweed rolling around Gerudo Canyon, and you might find an item inside.

Impact Damage

Two ways to crush an enemy are to drop them from a high place or to throw something heavy at them at great speed.


When fire spreads, it creates an updraft. You can use the paraglider to catch that updraft and ride it high into the sky.

Bubbul Gem

The Bubbulfrogs that dwell in caves may drop these. Someone somewhere in Hyrule might be interested in them, so hang on to any you collect!

Sky-Island Rumors

Some claim to have seen a sky island made of ore deposits that lights up the sky like a star at night.

Monster Ingredients

If you combine monster parts dropped by fallen foes in a cooking pot with things like lizards and butterflies, you can create elixirs with special effects.

Gerudo Canyon

Canny travelers survive by taking advantage of natural features like water, shade, and caves.

Climbing Tip

If you're in a hurry to climb somewhere, you can scale a wall quicker by using . Doing so uses up a lot of stamina, so make sure you have enough to make it to the top!

Mineru's Construct

While riding the construct, you'll take no damage when falling from high places.

Perfect Dodge

If you backflip or side hop away from a monster's attack at just the right moment, you will be rewarded with a chance to let loose with a flurry of attacks.


Move around while holding to sprint. This is useful for evading monster attacks or whenever you're in a hurry.

Travel Medallions

Once you place a travel medallion, you can travel back to it whenever you like.

Monster Tips: Lizalfos

As carnivores, they eat meat, fish, and even small critters.

Resting at an Inn

Sleeping overnight in a bed can do more than just fully replenish your hearts. If you spend more for a comfier bed, you can temporarily increase your hearts or stamina!

More Than a Weapon

Metal weapons create sparks that can be used to light a fire. Furthermore, if you set a wooden weapon on fire, it can be used as a torch.

Nighttime Monsters

When night falls, skeletal Stal monsters will emerge from the ground. Stay vigilant!

Battle Tip

If an enemy camp has multiple levels, each packed with monsters, consider using the paraglider to sneak your way to the top.

Jewels and Weapons

Fuse a gem to a weapon to unleash its hidden elemental power. This enables it to fire projectiles of fire, ice, and so on.

Monster Tips: Gibdos

Though they are normally resistant to damage, they can be weakened with elemental attacks, such as fire or water. While in this vulnerable state, their bodies turn white.

Feeding Wild Horses

If you approach a wild horse while holding food, the horse may eat it out of your hands. Wild horses that you have fed will be less anxious and prone to flee from your advance.

Falling Death

Depending on the height, you may take damage, or even die, when you fall. Remember to use the paraglider for a safe descent.

The Yiga Clan

The Yiga Clan's disguise techniques seem to have improved. Now they sometimes transform into things other than people to spring their trap.

Gerudo Canyon

Rather than directly climbing up and over a sheer cliff, it may be faster to find a way around or a cave leading through.

Rumor Has It...

Forest spirits called Koroks like to hide in unexpected spots. Never pass up an opportunity to investigate things that look out of place!

Gloom-Wreathed Enemies

If you get attacked by an enemy covered in gloom, your maximum hearts will be reduced until the gloom is purified.

Monster Tips: Moblins

These large carnivores require sizable helpings of meat and fish to sustain their bulky frames.

Goddess Statues

These ancient relics depict the Goddess worshipped in Hyrule since time out of mind. You can trade four Lights of Blessing to one for a Stamina Vessel or a Heart Container.

Mineru's Construct

Press at the right time while guarding to extend your arms and repel an enemy attack.

Monster Tips: Moth Gibdos

Moth Gibdos like to hover just out of reach of your blade. A bow or a weapon with some reach, such as a spear, will do the job.

Recovering from Gloom

If you suffer the effects of gloom, you can recover by eating a dish with gloom-purifying properties.

Critical Hits

The strike that breaks a weapon, whether it's thrown or swung, will deal double damage.


Soaring with the paraglider depletes your Stamina Wheel. Be careful to monitor your stamina so you don't run out midflight.

Ingredient Effects

You can enjoy only one effect from a dish or elixir at any given time. If you're relying on an active effect, be careful not to cancel it by eating something with a new effect.

Lightning Strikes

It may sound like a superstition, but lightning seems to strike metal objects frequently. If you hear thunder, unequip anything metallic.

Monster Tips: Molduga

These huge monsters swim through the sands until they detect even the slightest sound, which causes them to attack.

Rail Grinding

You can shield surf along the tracks used for mine carts and other on-rails conveyances.

Horseback Battles

When fighting on horseback, weapons with reach such as spears and big swords have an advantage over short swords and clubs.

Monster Tips: Ice Chuchus

When you attack Ice Chuchus, they explode in a burst of frost. Use this to your advantage to put nearby monsters on ice.

Climbing Tip

Overhangs that curve outward and the underside of ceilings are too difficult to hang on to. If you try to climb these surfaces anyway, you will fall.

Armored Enemies

A sword is useless against enemies encased in rocky armor. Use a hammer to smash the armor apart first.

Surviving the Cold

Even in frigid climates, the heat of a campfire can keep you warm. Holding a lit torch is another good way to stave off the cold.

amiibo Functionality

An amiibo may be used only once per day.


You can press at any time to stop recalling an object along its path.

Lava Pools

Lava is extremely deadly but also shallower than you'd think.

Eldin Ore Deposits

The Eldin region is known for its mining operations. If you spot an ore deposit, take out a hammer and do some mining yourself.


The things you can do atop small trees are limited, but small trees have their uses. Use them to scout an area with your scope. It's a handy way to decide your next destination!

Shield Surfing

If you jump while your shield is out, you can climb aboard it using . This will knock some durability off of the shield, but it's an effective way to travel downhill quickly!


The gloom that covers the ground cannot be dispersed—not by a weapon, nor by fire, water, wind, nor any other method.


Toss these to obstruct enemies' vision with the smoky dust they produce. While enemies are disoriented by the smoke, you'll have a chance to move in for a sneakstrike.


Running your horse at max speed is called galloping. Press to increase your horse's speed until it reaches a full gallop.

Scorching Climates

The extreme temperatures of superheated volcanic regions will hurt you without the proper precautions. Wear fireproof equipment or down an elixir to stave off the heat.

Climbing Tip

Use and to kick off from the surface you're currently climbing. If you use the paraglider right afterward to glide, you can reach many new places.

Monster Tails and Weapons

Fuse a monster tail to a weapon to make it extendable, increasing the range of your attacks.

Battle Tip

Monsters have a harder time detecting you if you press to crouch and quietly approach them.

Pushing Objects

Barrels and boxes can be pushed around. Use this to your advantage!

Freezing Climates

Some ingredients will freeze if submerged in ice-cold water or when left out in frigid regions. There are a few ingredients that taste even better frozen.

Dodging Attacks

While targeting an enemy, execute a backflip by holding and pressing . This move is useful for dodging enemy attacks.

Traversing Gloom

It is dangerous to walk across gloom, but you can ride a vehicle over the gloom to avoid touching it and losing hearts.


The Fuse ability enables you to attach items not only to swords or arrows but also to shields.

Weapon Durability

Durability varies with every weapon. Always be aware of the condition of your equipment. A weapon breaking at the wrong time is never a good thing.

Battle Tip

If a monster is hiding behind a shield, you can bat the shield away by hitting it with a heavy sword.

amiibo Functionality

You can use amiibo accessories to summon forth items that may be useful to you on your adventure!

Hylian Pine Cones

These highly flammable items can be tossed in a fire for an instant updraft.

Yunobo's Charge

Yunobo's charge can break ore deposits and sediment.

The Demon Dragon

In swallowing the secret stone, Demon King Ganondorf has lost his sense of self and become a ruinous dragon, spreading his gloom all across the world.


The light from a torch in the hand will not be extinguished as long as it remains dry. A torch is useful not just as a light source but also to ward off the cold.

Monster Horns and Weapons

By fusing a monster horn to a weapon, you can create blades and hammers with higher attack power.

Swimming Tip

When in the water, you can swim faster using . Be careful not to overuse this, lest your stamina run low and you drown.

Fairy Effects

If you keep a fairy in your pouch, it will automatically restore some hearts when you fall in battle.

Fishing Tip

If you use to dash while swimming, you can get up close to a school of fish before they swim away.

Gloom Spawn Rumors

There are reports of animated patches of gloom known as Gloom Spawn. If you meet one, watch out, as some have claimed to see something strange and fearsome within them.


Climbing ladders will not deplete your stamina. However, using to jump up a ladder will.

Mineru's Construct

While riding the construct, you can traverse lava and gloom without taking damage.

Falling Death

Depending on the height, you may take damage, or even die, when you fall. So be cautious out there walking near cliff edges!

Battle Tip

Instead of throwing yourself at enemies over and over to no avail, try cooking special dishes and elixirs to give yourself better defense, extra damage, or more hearts.

Mineru's Construct

You can attach a fan to the back for increased speed, or a rocket so it can jump.


You can undo Ultrahand's adhesive by moving back and forth while holding the glued-together object.

Two-Handed Excavation

When you want to dig through sediment or break ore deposits, two-handed weapons are especially effective.

Temperate Caves

Duck into a cave or well to stave off the heat and cold of the outside world.

Rocket Jumping

If you fuse a rocket to your shield and hold it up, you can make one high jump.

Speedy Skydiving

You can hold to speed up while skydiving.

Cooking Pots

Cook up some wild cuisine by throwing together some ingredients and seeing what happens. You can't cook with an unlit pot.

Gerudo Canyon

Beware both the extreme heat during the day and the freezing cold at night. An unwary traveler can easily perish if not prepared with the proper clothing, food, or elixirs.


You may be able to build designs even if you are short on materials, but results may vary.

Map Stamps

You can stamp the map on your Purah Pad with reminders of important discoveries, like the location of a cooking pot or something unusual you want to investigate later.

Special Bows

A few bows fire multiple arrows at once. They offer several times the power of normal bows, while strangely consuming only one arrow at a time.

Granters of Boons

Somewhere deep in the continent, there is a being that trades in Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels.

Hard Sediment

It takes time to burrow through tougher sediment. It might help to fuse material with higher crushing power before doing any serious mining.

Lava and Water

If you pour water over red-hot lava, it creates a patch of igneous rock.

Battle Tip

Monsters need their beauty rest too. If you see a group of monsters sleeping, use that opportunity to sneak-attack them!


Press while near a monster or a person to target it. When locked on to something, you can freely circle around it.

Sidon's Water Wall

While you're inside Sidon's water wall, it will block one enemy attack.

Cutting Grass

Wildlife taking shelter in the grass will sometimes jump out when you cut down their hiding place.

Elemental Weaknesses

If you use a fiery attack against an icy enemy, you may defeat it in one hit.

Calling Your Horse

Horses you have registered are displayed on the map. If one of them is nearby, call it with , and it will come running.


These produce a blinding light when struck, which can disorient enemies within a wide area. It's an effective way to put a stop to quick-moving foes.

The Joys of Rain

Some insects in Hyrule come out only while it's raining.

No Stone Unturned

Wildlife taking shelter under a rock will sometimes jump out when you lift up their hiding place.

Loose-Sand Mounds

A gust of wind can easily disperse these piled-up mounds of sand.

Stealth Tip

Crouching in a grassy field makes it harder for monsters and enemies to detect you. Keep this in mind if you want to ambush enemies or avoid fighting altogether.

Horse Gaits

As your horse's speed increases—from walk to trot, canter, and gallop—its gait changes as well. Use to increase speed, and use to decrease it.

Sand Shroud

When the sand shroud impairs your visibility, try climbing above the sand shroud to check your heading.

Sand Seals

Sand seals provide a fast way to travel across sand. When hitching a ride, be careful not to run into any rocks!


Fairies, which can heal a bit of damage, are most commonly found on sky islands and in caves.


Rafts with sails can move when pushed by the wind. If there's no wind blowing, a Korok frond or certain Zonai devices can fix that.

Burning Things

Dry grass catches fire especially easily, and that fire spreads quickly.

Firing Brightbloom Seeds

Fuse a brightbloom seed to an arrow, and you can light up an area from a safe distance.

Octo Balloon

When inflated, this sac obtained from defeating Octoroks is extremely buoyant. Place one near something you want to lift to make it float into the air.


If you want to move side to side without changing the direction you're facing, try moving sideways while pressing .

Horseback Battles

When fighting on horseback, use to focus your attention, making it easier to aim.

Horse Temperaments

Trying to force a rowdy and untamed horse to speed up will likely result in you being tossed to the ground.

Sleigh Seals

These sand seals have luggage carriers capable of hauling people or objects. You can rent them from the sand-seal rental shop in Gerudo Town.

Read All About It

Keep up to date on the latest happenings in the world by reading the newspaper.

Safe Skydiving

When you need to dive from the sky to the surface, landing in deep water will prevent taking damage from the fall.

Removing Fused Objects

Items fused to a weapon or a shield can be removed via the inventory. Once removed, they cannot be recovered, so be careful.

Walls in the Depths

On rare occasions in the Depths, you will find areas surrounded by high walls stretching up to the ceiling. These may be connected to a chasm on the surface.

Zonai Devices: Flame Emitters

The flames it emits can be used to melt ice or even as a heat source for balloons.

Recipe Book

In the recipe book, accessible from your inventory, you can view the ingredient lists used for any known dishes.

Tulin's Gusts

You can use the gusts Tulin generates for many things, such as sailing on rafts or blowing away light enemies and objects.

Climbing Tip

Use and to kick off from the surface you're currently climbing.

Autobuild Favorites

Older Autobuilds are automatically deleted as you create new ones and reach your limit. Mark your favorites to make sure you keep them.